Industrial Bottle Washers

Glassware Washers

Niagara manufactures bottle washers for glass containers in the beer, soft drink, wine and liquor industries. Our washing systems are very popular in Central and South America where all beverage bottles are returned and labels need to be removed the so the bottles can be reused and in the United States where special cleaning and drying is required. Niagara has customizable glass parts washers to meet the specifications any size or shaped container.

Labware Washers

Niagara manufactures free standing and under the counter laboratory glassware washers. Our washers can accommodate labware containers of various shapes and sizes including narrow-neck and general purpose beakers. Our laboratory dishwashers meet the demand for specialized cleaning and drying of laboratory glassware.

Cylinder Bottle Washers

Niagara manufactures bottle washers for glass, plastic, steel and aluminum containers. Our multistage automatic bottle washers can accommodate different size products with no change-over.

Key Benefits of our Bottles/Labware/Al Cylinders Washers

  • Assured success
  • Uniformity of cleanliness
  • Automated - Lower labor costs
  • Easily maintained
  • Customizable

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