Niagara Systems industrial parts washer being built.

Niagara Systems, a South Shore Controls, Inc. company, designs and manufactures industrial washing systems. Founded in 1934, Niagara Systems has set the benchmark for high-quality, long-lasting industrial washers and dryers, from small cabinet style machines to large belt and carousel style systems.

We are experts at cleaning and drying complex, tough to clean parts such as castings, bottles, totes, and cylinders. Parts with small, deep internal passages are our specialty.

We offer both standard washing systems and highly-engineered custom systems that remove chemicals, soils, films, and debris to meet your exact cleanliness specifications. Niagara Systems are made in America, but we sell and service our equipment worldwide.

We manufacture a full line of world-class washing systems in our state-of-the-art factory in Mentor, Ohio. Our team of mechanical, electrical, and controls engineers works with experienced and dedicated master craftsmen to build beautifully finished, long-lasting, superior quality machines.

Every machine is thoroughly tested before they are painstakingly packaged and shipped to their final destination. Once on site, our installation crew assures your machine is set-up and working to your complete satisfaction.

Of course, aftermarket service and support are critical to your business. We can provide remote access to your machine’s control so diagnostics or changes to your product’s washing needs can be quickly incorporated. We design and build components in-house, so replacement parts can be provided quickly.

Our industry experience includes cleaning systems for automotive, aerospace, agricultural and construction equipment, ammunition, firearms, cookware, hardware, fasteners, commercial product parts, stampings, castings, screw machine parts, and additive manufacturing parts.

For more than 80 years, Niagara Systems has been the worldwide Industrial Washing System Experts.

Early Niagara Systems parts washer.
Technician loading glass bottles into cabinet style parts washer.

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