Fully Automated Cleaning Solutions

The staff at Niagara Systems specialize in building heavy and light duty washers for cleaning parts that can clean, degrease, and dry parts and components of all shapes and sizes. We offer a wide range of automated industrial parts washing cabinets and custom build parts washers to meet your requirements.

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Automatic Parts Washing Cabinet System

Specialized Parts Washing Cabinets For Precision Cleaning Worldwide

Niagara Systems has served the many facets of the Energy Industry for nearly 90 years. Our equipment helps support the production and testing of the largest energy companies in the world. With an install base spanning over 30 countries, Niagara Systems is the global leader for providing custom industrial washing systems and chemical processing solutions to this ever-changing industry. Our robust industrial washer design is superior to the competition which ensures an extended life and provides great returns on investment. We use top of the line cleaning technologies to ensure that our parts washing, labware washing, or chemical processing solutions exceed our customers’ expectations.

Niagara industrial washers are working daily across the world.

Why a Niagara Systems Cabinet Parts Washers?

Niagara Systems offers flexible cabinet washer designs that can adapt to fit many industrial parts washing applications. Our industrial parts cleaning cabinets can easily clean parts that are heavily soiled with oils and solids, for example.

Our parts washing cabinets have:
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • NEMA 4 X
  • Wash Down Duty Componentry
  • Washing, Drying, and chemical processes tailored for your specific application
  • Chemical make-up and replacement
  • Cascading tanks from cleanest to dirtiest, constantly replenishing system with clean water
  • Recirculated tanks which reduce water consumption
  • Well insulated reducing operating electrical costs
  • Robust Design suited for rugged and harsh environment
  • Life expectancy is multiple decades
  • Global Field Service
  • Installation Service
  • Remote Support

These features set our parts washing cabinets apart, and our experience working in the energy sector ensures that you can rely on the custom solutions we offer.

Let Niagara Systems Build a Parts Washing System For You

With nearly 90 years of experience with industrial parts washers, our equipment has helped support the production and testing of the largest energy companies in the world. See how Niagara Systems supports the energy, oil, and power generation utility companies through streamlined parts washing solutions. Get a quote online or contact us for more information.

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