If your facility needs a dunnage or industrial tote washer machine, Niagara Systems has you covered. With decades of experience and a focus on customer satisfaction, we've become one of the leading tote washer vendors in the industry. Whatever your needs, we have the tote washer systems that can serve you — we'll work with you to find the perfect solution.

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Tote washers serve a variety of applications in the automotive industry.

Whether it’s a 30-gallon plastic tote washer, an IBC tote pressure washer or a dunnage washing machine, there are numerous opportunities to improve your tote cleaning operations.
tote washer and cleaning system

Tote and Container Washer System

What Can an Industrial Tote Washer Do For Your Operation?

Niagara Systems has a variety of solutions for dunnage and tote washing systems that can speed up and simplify your operation. Our tote washer systems can meet tight cleanliness specifications and the most stringent sanitizing applications, from general cleaning to oil and grease removal. IBC (intermediate bulk container) totes have become an industry standard for handling potable and non-potable water. To clean these containers, you might need a pressure washer. IBC tote washer solutions from Niagara Systems are perfect. In fact, we can design almost any form of industrial plastic tote washer, and we’ll ensure that it meets your requirements.

What Applications Can Utilize a Tote Washing Machine?

While tote washing systems are widely used in the auto industry, there are tons of processes that can benefit from these machines. Examples of applications that utilize material handling cleaning solutions include:
Auto Manufacturers
Auto Parts Manufacturers
Logistic Services
Food and Beverage Distributors
Large Distribution Centers
Pallet Suppliers
Waste Management Services
Environmental Services
Medical and Pharmaceutical Businesses
Laboratory Services
General Manufacturing

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Which Niagara Systems Design is Ideal for a Tote Washer?

Niagara Systems has dunnage washing machines designed for standard-size tote washing applications. Our industrial tunnel washer system is most often used as a dunnage or plastic tote washer. However, our team will be happy to work with you to determine what’s best for your facility.

Can Niagara Systems Handle Custom Dunnage and Tote Washing Needs?

Absolutely. Custom needs are not a problem. Niagara Systems’ engineering team can design and provide an industrial dunnage or tote washing machine built to your specific cleanliness and drying specifications. We have the necessary expertise to craft a tote washer that will perfectly suit your application and last for many years.

Get the Right Tote Washer Machine for Your Facility Today

At Niagara Systems, we pride ourselves on being experts in washing, sanitizing and drying the totes, pallets, dunnage, baskets and bins used in most material handling applications. We’ll use the highest quality materials to create a tote washer machine that will improve your cleaning process. And, we’ll work with you to make sure it’s exactly what you need. Contact us or get a quote for your tote washer today.

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