Niagara Systems has been providing bottle washing machine solutions since 1934 — and we aren't stopping anytime soon. Our bottle washers have been used across a wide range of industries for varied applications, all with excellent features and results including:

  • Wash 200 to 750+ Bottles Per Hour
  • PLC-controlled & Programmable Touch Screen
  • Self-Diagnostics For Real-Time Monitoring
  • Superior Drying & Filtering System
  • Fully Insulated
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What Industry Specifications do Niagara Systems Bottle Washers Meet?

We’ve created high-production bottle washing machines for the beverage and food industry, semi-automatic machines for large pharmaceutical laboratories, small-production industrial bottle washing solutions for oil refinery labs requiring high outputs and many more. No matter what type of operation you have, Niagara Systems can design and build an effective, reliable bottle cleaning machine that will last for decades.

Our bottle washing machines must be made to the proper specifications to meet the stringent demands and versatility of all the industries we serve. As such, our industrial bottle washers are designed to comply with the following:

  • Food-grade specifications
  • Pharmaceutical industry specifications
  • Electronics industry specifications
  • And many more

Additionally, we can design a custom bottle washer and dryer to suit your specific needs, and we’ll work with you to get it done right.

Industrial & Commercial Bottle Washer Machine Applications

There is no shortage of bottles, containers, and other applications that our industrial and commercial bottle washer solutions can handle. Here are some of the most common examples that exhibit the wide range of opportunities available:

  • Refinery Laboratory Bottles and Glassware
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratory Bottles and Glassware
  • Pressurized Aluminum Bottles
  • Recyclable Glass Bottles
  • Electronics & Containers
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Beer Bottles and Glassware for Microbrewers
  • Wine Bottles and Glassware for Wineries

Niagara Systems is happy to work with you to determine what kind of bottle washer machine would work best for your application to ensure product safety.

Which Bottle Washing Machine Design is Right for Your Operation?

Our industrial bottle washers are all designed to be suitable for a wide range of applications. Deciding which of our bottle cleaners is best for you largely depends on the production output your operation requires. That said, most customers find that the bottle washer cabinet design is the optimal choice for cleaning bottles.

Bottle Washing Machine Cabinet

Bottle Washer Cabinet

A parts washing cabinet works exceptionally well for low-production operations of 200 bottles or less per hour. This tends to be the best option for those who need high pressure bottle washing and cleaning machines.

Explore Our Bottle Washing Cabinet

Conveyor Belt Parts Cleaner System

Carousel Conveyor Washing Machine

Our carousel parts washer machines are suitable for medium production of 200 to 750 bottles per hour.

Learn About Our Carousel Bottle Washing Machine

Get the Bottle Washing Machine You Need at Niagara Systems

With the industry experience we have, there’s no question that our bottle washer and dryer machines will work for you — and last for a long time. Request a quote today to get started. We’ve proven our commitment to quality, and we’re committed to helping our customers, too — no matter where they are in the world.

If you have any questions about our bottle washers, don’t hesitate to contact us today.
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General Questions For Commercial Bottle Washing Machines

What is an automatic bottle washer?

An automatic bottle washer has a built-in cleaning system that automatically washes bottles. Bottles are cleaned by rinsing and removing loose particulates with high or low-pressure nozzles. The system can be customized with a water filtration system that will recycle the water and then is pumped back into the machine’s tanks.

Can an industrial bottle washing machine be integrated into a production line?

Niagara Systems works with manufacturers to integrate industrial bottle washing machines into production lines to keep product bottles clean. These washing systems are commonly used in the beverage industry and can be fully automatic or semi-automatic when integrated. These washers can wash hundreds of bottles per hour and even clean the outside of bottles. These washers minimize the need for operators and use water efficiently, and can be easily integrated into a production line.

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