Heavy-Duty Parts Cleaning & Washing Systems For Manufacturers

For over 85 years, Niagara Systems has helped manufacturers clean and sanitize small and large manufactured parts with our industrial parts washers. See how our turnkey parts washing systems can remove contaminants and help prevent defects through an industrial cleaning process.

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Specialized Parts Washers For Precision Cleaning During The Manufacturing Process

Niagara Systems Tunnel Parts Washer

Niagara Systems industrial parts washers have been an integral piece for many manufacturing processes across the globe. With nearly 90 years of experience, Niagara Systems’ commitment to providing custom washing systems to solve specific application problems has proven to be valuable time after time.

Niagara Systems offers custom designs that are flexible in order to provide the very best cleaning solutions and ensure production rates in your facility are met. Whether it be a large-scale production or specialized production requiring precision cleaning, Niagara Systems industrial wash systems and chemical processing equipment have demonstrated top of the line performance and reliability.

All Niagara Systems industrial parts washers are designed and manufactured in the USA. Utilizing the very best quality of materials, Niagara Systems washing systems require minimal maintenance and have a life expectancy of several decades providing a great return on investment. We stand behind our industrial washers’ performance providing multi-year warranties, virtual technical support, field support, and proper procedural documentation to ensure our equipment is correctly implemented in our customers’ manufacturing processes.

Niagara Systems has internal mechanical, electrical, and controls engineering teams that work directly with our manufacturing personnel who are all located under one roof, providing the very best turnkey industrial parts washers and chemical processing equipment in the world.

Why a Niagara Systems Industrial Parts Washers?

Niagara Systems’ industrial parts washing machines are designed with a multitude of standard features that work well in the manufacturing industry. By guaranteeing these features, you can feel confident that any of our heavy-duty industrial parts washers will perform flawlessly on your production line.

Our industrial parts washers have:
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Robotic solutions and interfacing
  • Reliability for large production
  • Automation technologies
  • NEMA 4 X
  • Washing, Drying, and chemical processes tailored for specific applications
  • Chemical make-up and replacement
  • Cascading tanks from cleanest to dirtiest, constantly replenishing system with clean water
  • Recirculated tanks which reduce water consumption
  • Well insulated reducing operating electrical costs.
  • Robust Design suited for rugged and harsh environment
  • Life expectancy is multiple decades
  • Global Field Service
  • Installation Service
  • Remote Support

These features set our parts washers apart, and our expertise working with manufacturers ensures that you can rely on the custom solutions we offer.

Let Niagara Systems Design a Custom Parts Washer For You

We have all of the industry experience necessary to provide heavy-duty parts washers for manufacturers that can get the job done. Whether your production lines need to clean various small parts, tank heads, or machined castings we can help. At Niagara Systems, we’ll work hard to find the solution that’s best for you.

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