Beer Bottle Washers

Looking for a way to clean and sterilize your beer growlers and beer bottles? Industrial Beer bottle washer machines from Niagara Systems are custom designed for contract packaging companies, contract brewers, and co-packers in order to clean and sanitize beer bottles and growlers by removing any contamination before packaging.

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Beer Bottle Washing System

Whether you are an independent microbrewery or a co-packer, installing a beer bottle washing system will help increase efficiency by using effective washing solutions for producing sterile and sanitized beer bottles. A beer bottle washing system is best for microbreweries and packaging distributors that need a reliable bottle washing solution. Our Series 100 is a compact washer cabinet machine that is ideal for lower volume batch production (200 bottles or less per hour) since they can handle a wide range of applications. If you require medium to high production washing cycles, 200 to 750 bottles per hour, the Series 300 carousel bottle washer machine is your best beer bottle washing system.

Beer Bottle Washer Machine Features

  • High-pressure washing cabinets are capable of handling low-volume and high-volume applications.
  • Heated drying cycles include a HEPA-filtered drying system.
  • Multi-step filtration systems for efficiency, easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Easy to use HMI touch screen with programmable washing cycles.
  • Optional features include automated load and unload capabilities.

Why do I need a commercial beer bottle washing machine?

Beer growlers can be made from glass, ceramic, or a stainless steel bottle and are used by breweries when selling craft beer. Cleaning beer growlers can be complicated. Uncleaned bottles can become contaminated during production or storage. Beer growlers and bottles must be cleaned, sanitized, and sterilized before bottling to eliminate dust, bacteria or residues. Improper handling will make the product more susceptible to becoming infected with a wild yeast or bacteria that can contaminate the flavors and aromas associated with the beer.

An industrial strength commercial beer growler washer system cleans, sanitizes, and sterilizes your bottles and containers in order to maintain the integrity of your product. Let Niagara Systems help you find the best automated or semi-automated beer bottle washing system for your facility. Our engineers can custom design compact beer bottle washers that require little maintenance and provide high quality washing and drying to remove any labels and residues left behind.

The Niagara Systems cabinet washer has an in-house control panel shop with flexible integration capabilities. The washing cabinet features an all stainless steel construction and a dual filtration system for maximum uptime. You can easily load bottles or custom fixtures to be washed. The cabinet can be custom designed and built to provide washing applications to specific parts or glassware. It also features an ultrasonic prewash option, an easy access tempers glass window, and a 10″ HMI touchscreen display.

What types of beer bottles can be washed

A Niagara Systems beer bottle cleaner is capable of cleaning and washing multiple sizes of popular beer bottle types and container sizes including:

  • Full Size Glass Growler
  • Mini Glass Growler
  • Glass Jug
  • Glass Long Neck Bottles
  • Stubby & Steinie Beer Bottles

What should a Contract Brewer or Co-Packer look for in a bottle washer?

Microbreweries and beer companies partner with distributors to Co-Pack Bottling of their brewed beverages. Working with contract brewers that use clean and sterile glass on their bottling line is key for the best beer quality and stability in the bottling process. Industrial beer bottle washing equipment provides the ideal solution for co-packers that can accept your custom glass bottles for packaging or need to clean bottles from their existing inventory.

What is a commercial beer bottle washing machine?

An industrial beer bottle cleaning machine is capable of cleaning, sanitizing, and sterilizing recyclable glass bottles and growlers for microbreweries and contract packaging companies. The commercial bottle washing equipment is built for high demand washing and has many customizable options in order to match your requirements.

Beer Bottle Washing Machine Manufacturingcabinet bottle washing machine

Niagara Systems haș decades of experience when it comes to custom designing and fabricating commercial bottle washing machines for food-grade specifications. We work with you to determine the best beer bottle washing machine design and setup that will work best for your application.