IMTS modular tunnel washer by Niagara Systems Press Release

New Modular Tunnel Washer Unveiled at IMTS

September 2022
Chicago, IL – Niagara Systems introduced the future of industrial parts washers at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) with its innovative modular tunnel washer system. The new design of tunnel washer gives companies, laboratories and businesses the ability to meet the demands of their particular industry by utilizing the latest modular parts washer technology. Send Niagara Systems requirements for your next industrial parts washer.


A Customized Solution For The Nuclear Energy Sector

July 2021
Mentor, OH – Niagara Systems was up for a tough challenge when they were tasked with creating a custom solution for a client serving the Nuclear Energy Industry to help keep parts clean during the production of nuclear fuel rods. Creating a custom parts washing machines is what Niagara Systems has been known to do since 1934. Learn how this parts washing machine was designed to handle hard chemicals.

Niagara Systems Partners With Piston Manufacturer

June 2021
Mentor, OH – Niagara Systems partnered with a local piston manufacturer in the performance racing industry to develop a parts washing system to help improve the a more reliable adhesion surface on the pistons during the skirt-coating process. The company not only achieved this, but also increased piston production to meet high demand.

Immediate release: Niagara Systems is under new ownership

Niagara Systems’ Parent Company Under New Ownership

August 2019

New owners of South Shore Controls look to grow both companies, starting with additional state-of-the-art facility

Mentor, OH – Niagara Systems, manufacturer and service provider of world-class industrial washing systems, is under new ownership through its parent company South Shore Controls, Inc., an automation and controls designer, manufacturer, and service company. Niagara System has been building world class industrial washing systems in the United States since 1934 and is excited about its new facility in Mentor, OH at 9395 Pinecone Dr.

The new ownership consists of… [Read more]

Niagara Systems Insights - Choosing a supplier

Insights – Choosing a Supplier

July 2019
Mentor, OH – When it comes to choosing a supplier, look beyond price alone. Instead, when purchasing capital equipment for your facility, after-sale service and technical support capabilities should be important factors in making a decision.

Verify advertising claims by asking the right questions. Reference those in your organization, or others, who have worked with the supplier to obtain information about staff credentials and training, after-hours support, parts availability and even corporate history.

Staff Credentials and Training

Consider if the service technicians are direct employees of the manufacturer or outside contractors. Have they been… [Read more]

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