Industrial and Commercial Automotive Parts Cleaners

The automotive industry has a lot of moving parts — and Niagara Systems can clean them all. Since our founding in 1934, we've created many solutions for the industry, including the highest quality automotive parts cleaners available. We use the best materials and apply them to standard design features that ensure every automotive parts cleaner is built to last. Our products are in for the long haul, so find out what these automotive parts cleaners can offer your operation today.

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Standard Automotive Parts Cleaner System Design Features

We’ve designed our automatic parts cleaner systems to have a set of features that set them apart in the automotive industry. These are not industry-standard features, but they’re standard for Niagara Systems — just another reason you can count on our products for the best results.

Our automotive part washers have:
  • Type 304 stainless steel materials wherever possible
  • Butt-welded plumbing
  • Sanitary tri-clamp or flanged fittings (where appropriate)
  • Tube frames with mitered corners
  • Welded spray manifolds
  • Spray nozzles made of stainless steel or plastic
  • Easy-access saddle tanks
  • Polished exterior accents
  • Powerful insulation
  • Quality ducting
  • Removable windows

Every automotive parts cleaner we craft stands out because of our commitment to quality — something that’s reflected in all of our products.

Applications for Our Automotive Parts Cleaners

Our automotive parts cleaners can handle a wide range of tasks, but these are some of the most common:
Production tooling
Storage and shipping dunnage
Stamped parts
Connecting rods
Engine blocks
Transmission housings
And many more!

When you use an automatic parts cleaner from Niagara Systems for any automotive application, you can rest assured they’ll do the job correctly. That’s not a blind guarantee — it’s an acknowledgment of the history and reputation we’ve built with decades of experience.

Finding the Right Automotive Parts Cleaner System

Here at Niagara Systems, we have several different types of automotive parts cleaners. Our industrial parts washers and cleaning systems offer varied automotive solutions depending on what your operation requires. Typically, customers find that our tunnel washers provide the most appropriate feature set for the industry.

Automatic Tunnel Parts Cleaner System

Tunnel Washer Systems

Our tunnel washer machines are often the best choice as an automotive parts cleaner, perfect for:

  • High-production operations
  • Medium-volume applications
  • Withstanding harsh chemicals

Explore Our Tunnel Washer Systems

Carousel Automatic Parts Cleaner

Carousel Parts Washing Machines

A carousel parts washer machine can be used for:

  • Medium-production operations
  • A way to reduce the number of operators needed

Learn About Our Carousel Parts Washing Machine

Automotive Parts Cleaner Cabinets

Parts Washer Cabinets

The parts washing cabinet can be utilized as:

  • A low-production solution
  • A precision automotive parts cleaner

Learn About Our Parts Washer Cabinet Options

Special & Custom Washers

We can also work with you to design and craft a custom washer for:

  • Specialized parts
  • Unique processes
  • Nearly anything your automotive operation requires

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We Have the Automotive Parts Cleaner System You Need

Whether you’re looking for automatic parts cleaners or custom solutions to unique challenges, Niagara Systems is here to help. You can contact us anytime to discuss your needs, then request a quote whenever you’re ready to get started. We’re dedicated to our customers, and we want you to get the perfect automotive parts cleaner for your operation.

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