From 1934 on, Niagara Systems has been committed to getting you the perfect parts washer. Heated parts washers provide a wide variety of advantages across industries. Whether it's a heated aqueous parts washer, dryer or any other heated application, we're here to ensure that your facility finds the right solution. For many of our customers, heated parts washers are crucial to their operations. Find out what a heated parts washer can offer you.

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Why Use a Heated Parts Washer?

Applying heat to washing and drying can dramatically improve the process. There are many reasons for this, including the following:
  • Most chemicals have a defined operating temperature that maximizes their effectiveness, which a heated parts washer can narrow in on.
  • Hot Water Parts Washers cut through oil and grease when washing.
  • Heat typically speeds up washing times.
  • Heat significantly improves drying times and effectiveness.

While there is an advantage to every parts washer, heated models almost always make a positive difference. Niagara Systems can work with you to determine what the best options are for your operation.

What Type and Amount of Heat Should a Heated Parts Washer Use?

Not all facilities are the same, so there’s no standard setting that’s right for every facility’s heated parts washer. When you work with us, we’ll help you determine what is best for your application. Here’s how:
  • Niagara Systems can use the available utilities in any facility, and we’ve supplied electric heaters for many different voltage and amperage requirements.
  • Our equipment has been built to utilize the steam-to-heat process.
  • Natural and propane gas heat options are always available.
  • Our engineers will recommend either the kWs or BTUs necessary for our heated parts washer to heat our customers’ processes efficiently.

Additionally, all of our heated parts washers have standard features that make them adaptable to various scenarios.

What Standard Features Apply to Every Heated Parts Washer?

Niagara Systems wants the best for every single customer. That’s why our products are made with the highest quality materials and designed to last for many years. The standard features for our heated aqueous parts washers include:
  • In terms of structure and componentry, each heated parts washer is built using 304 or 316 stainless steel to provide a long machine life in even the harshest environments.
  • All washers are insulated to ensure effective and efficient heating.
  • Temperatures hold for long periods to minimize heat-up time after machines have been shut down overnight.

Which Niagara Systems Parts Washer is Best for Heated Applications?

While we offer different heated parts washer solutions, Niagara Systems recommends a tunnel washer system for heated applications. Our industrial tunnel washers can withstand the harshest chemicals and are made with the very best materials. Plus, these machines work for a variety of industrial applications.

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Find the Heated Parts Washer You Need at Niagara Systems

We know that you need a heated parts washer that is specific to your application but be sure to check out our other parts cleaner machines. Heated washing and drying might even be imperative to your process. Luckily, Niagara Systems has the experience to serve industries of all kinds, and we have the willingness to collaborate with you on the right solution for your application. If you need a heated aqueous parts washer or any other product we manufacture, contact us today and let us know your requirements.
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