A highly effective industrial crate washer is beneficial across numerous industries. After all, crate cleaning is a crucial way to keep your environment sanitary, tidy and efficient. Whether your facility deals with aluminum, wood, plastic or other crate materials, an industrial crate washing machine can help. As a leader in the industry, Niagara Systems has been crafting industrial crate washers for years, and we'd love to tackle your project — no matter how many crates you need to wash regularly. Read on to find out what a long-lasting crate cleaner can do for you.

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What Can an Industrial Crate Washer Machine Do for Your Facility?

Managing containers can be difficult for any industrial environment, especially if it involves a high volume of crates. Crate washing machine solutions can speed up production and keep things moving right along. With a crate washer from Niagara Systems, you’ll achieve:

  • Increased Productivity — An industrial crate washer can streamline your
    processes by eliminating the need for handwashing crates.
  • Improved Sanitation — Harmful bacteria and allergens, along with general
    filth, can travel on crates, but effective crate cleaning can remove them to help you keep
    areas sanitized.
  • Safer Working Conditions — Since there will be less direct contact with crates, washing machine installations can assist with safety compliance and improve overall conditions.

What Are the Most Common Uses of Industrial Crate Washers?

There are so many industries that can benefit from industrial crate washing machines. Listed below are several examples from the fields where they see a lot of use:

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Safety is a top concern for anything related to medicine. A crate washer can help facilities that process these products meet the appropriate sanitation standards.


The chemical industry naturally has to deal with an abundance of potentially hazardous materials. Crate cleaning makes it easier to control the spread of such chemicals.


Car parts for the automotive industry often ship in crates. Washing machines help remove residue, dirt, oil, grease or metal that could be left behind.

Food and Beverage

Numerous types of bacteria, such as E. coli, could be left on crates carrying meat, eggs or dairy, along with other products in the food and beverage industry. Industrial crate washers can significantly reduce the threat of contamination.

Which Design from Niagara Systems Is the Best Crate Washer?

While you can get a quote from Niagara Systems for a custom crate washer that meets any number of highly specific needs, our standard tunnel washer system is well-suited for industrial crate washing.

Tunnel Washer Features

Our tunnel washers can effectively clean crates, and they feature:

  • Stainless steel parts
  • Powerful nozzles to remove contaminants
  • Accurate timing through PLC controls
  • And more!

Contact Niagara Systems if you want to know more about our industrial crate washer machine options.

Let Niagara Systems Meet Your Industrial Crate Washing Needs

If you need a crate cleaner, you’re best off getting it from the best manufacturer in the industry. Niagara Systems produces high-quality industrial crate washers that are American made, but we work with companies around the world. Reach out to us today, and you’ll be on your way to a cleaner and more efficient facility.

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