Professional Washing & Thermal Disinfection Machines for Lab Parts

Niagara Systems has been offering washers for pharmaceutical and laboratory facilities over 85 years. We've provided high-quality solutions for the bottling, labware, instruments, sample tooling, vials and ampoules used in medical and laboratory environments. A pharmaceutical grade parts washer from Niagara Systems can be constructed to meet the standards for clean-room environments often seen in these industries. Niagara Systems offers a quick turnaround for quoting, design and build, and installation for our custom design capabilities.

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Carousel Parts Washing Machine

Industrial Parts Washers for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Strict requirements in the pharmaceutical industry call for multiple zones for washing, rinsing and sanitizing labware parts. Niagara Systems can custom design tunnel washers, carousel washers, and cabinet style parts washing machines that can wash, sanitize, and dry vials, glass bottles, and medical waste containers.

Any pharmaceutical grade washer from Niagara Systems will have the following:
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Wash Down Duty Componentry
  • Zero Flat Surfaces
  • Plumbing without “Dead-Heads”
  • Mirror finish (#8 Finish) Option for Stainless Steel
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Construction
  • NEMA 4X Control Panel
  • Application-Specific Washing, Drying, and Sanitizing Processes
  • Chemical Make-up and Replacement
  • Tanks that Cascade Based on Cleanliness
  • A System that Replenishes with Clean Water
  • Reduced Water Consumption via Recirculated Tanks
  • Insulation that Lowers Electrical Costs
  • HEPA Filtration

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Niagara Systems can help you design and configure a parts washing solution no matter the size or type of your organization. We’ll deliver a complete parts cleaning system that is custom designed to meet your requirements and budget. Our years of experience If you’re ready to improve your processes, get a quote on a laboratory g delivering complete industrial parts washing and drying machines across industries means you’ll get a comprehensive solution. Go ahead and contact us for more information on our laboratory washers — we’ll ensure you have what you need.

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