Sustainability is important to us at Niagara Systems, and that's why we're committed to providing products that support aqueous washing. This commitment has made us one of the top aqueous parts washer manufacturers in the country — and we're proud to continue working toward improving both the sustainability and effectiveness of your production. Find out more about our aqueous cleaning system solutions below.

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What Is an Aqueous Parts Washer?

An aqueous parts washer is any system that does not use harsh solvents. Instead, they use a safe, biodegradable, water-based aqueous cleaner. While this aqueous parts washer solution doesn’t use harmful chemicals to break down dirt and debris, these systems still have the same exceptional cleaning power through heat, power washing and more.

Why Use an Aqueous Cleaning System?

If your facility is concerned about financial or environmental sustainability, aqueous parts washers are the best option. At Niagara Systems, all of our products are manufactured with these factors in mind — we create aqueous cleaning systems that reduce water usage and electricity consumption, while also having a smaller footprint on your production floor. This will help to save you money and lessen your impact on the environment. Additionally, an aqueous part washer will:

  • Clean all sorts of soil, grease and more
  • Be safer on a variety of surfaces and materials
  • Use less power
  • Improve worker safety

Also, the water-based aqueous parts cleaner you use will be more affordable than a solvent and make waste disposal easier and safer.

Which Niagara Systems Products Offer Aqueous Washing?

All of the washers we manufacture can be used for aqueous washing. Although they are made to handle all types of chemicals, they can wash with a biodegradable aqueous cleaner and give you years of reliable use.

Parts Washer Cabinet

Our industrial parts washing cabinets are highly versatile and work great for the aqueous washing of labware, castings, bottles and more.

Tunnel Washer System

While our tunnel washers can withstand harsh chemicals, you can get excellent results when using an aqueous parts washer solution or detergent.

Carousel Parts Washing Machine

Niagara’s conveyor washing systems can provide exceptional aqueous washing across many industries, and they are perfect as bottle washers.

Custom Industrial Washers

If your facility needs an aqueous part washer that goes beyond our standard designs, we’re happy to work with you to design a custom washer that’ll serve you properly. You can request a quote to begin the process.


Niagara Systems Can Build Your Aqueous Part Washer

If you think aqueous washing would make a difference in your facility, contact Niagara Systems. We’re one of America’s best aqueous parts washer manufacturers for many reasons — but mainly because we care about getting our customers exactly what they need, no matter where they are in the world. Reach out today so we can craft an aqueous cleaning system solution for you!

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