Heat makes a huge difference — and Niagara Systems can make an even bigger difference in your operation's effectiveness with a hot water parts washer. With our years of industry experience, we've perfected washing systems of all types. See how our hot parts washers can do wonders for your facility.

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Why Is Heat Important to the Wash Process?

Using a hot water parts washer allows you to incorporate heat into your wash process effectively. Heat is a crucial element for many applications, and there are several reasons why:

  • Controlled temperatures provide uniformity and reliability.
  • Most washing applications require heat in some form.
  • When using a hot water parts cleaner, heated chemicals cut through oils to offer pristine results.
  • Heated wash and rinse cycles not only improve the washing results, but also increase the internal temperatures of the parts for a more efficient and effective drying process.

Why Should You Use a Hot Water Parts Washer?

Frankly, hot water just tends to clean better. Any facility that has to contend with grit, grime and contaminants could benefit from a hot tank parts washer. Here are three critical reasons why:

  • Hot water helps to kill off and break down harmful bacteria that winds up on your equipment.
  • Heat can increase the effectiveness of detergents and cleaning agents used in a hot tank parts cleaner.
  • Hot water loosens and dissolves dirt, grease, oil and more.

While cold water will suffice for certain applications, hot parts washers allow you to turn up the heat whenever necessary.

What Makes a Hot Parts Washer from Niagara Systems the Best?

We’re committed to bringing you the best products on the market, no matter your industry or application. That’s why hot water parts washers from Niagara Systems include such features as:

  • Stainless steel materials and construction
  • Insulation to keep heat contained
  • Easy-to-operate temperature controls

Having an insulated hot tank parts washer will allow you to clean even the dirtiest metal parts, and you can add appropriate detergents and solutions for even more cleaning power. And as always, with Niagara Systems, you can rest assured you’ll get a system that works perfectly for your needs — simply reach out for a quote today.

Which Niagara Systems Designs are Hot Parts Washers?

If your facility requires specific accommodations, we can work with you to customize a hot parts washer. However, Niagara Systems has two standard designs that are excellent hot parts washers:

Industrial Tunnel Washers

Our tunnel washer system can withstand harsh chemicals and handle various types of hot washing — it’s well-suited for the automotive industry and medium-volume applications.

Industrial Parts Washing Cabinets

The parts washer cabinet design is best for low-volume hot wash applications.

Order Your Hot Water Parts Washer Today

Are you ready to improve your production with a hot water parts washer? Reach out to Niagara Systems today. We’re prepared to work with you — whatever your needs and wherever you are. See what a high-quality hot parts washer can do for your facility.

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