Modular Tunnel Washer by Niagara Systems at IMTS

Niagara Systems introduced the future of industrial parts washers at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) with its innovative modular tunnel washer system. Their new design of tunnel washer gives companies, laboratories and businesses the ability to meet the demands of their particular industry by utilizing the latest modular parts washer technology.

Developed through independent research and with insights provided by clients regarding their current tunnel washer systems, Niagara Systems has designed a comprehensive commercial parts washer that can satisfy both generic and specific requirements of a broad spectrum of industries including food and beverage, oil and gas, automotive, mining, pharmaceuticals and more.

The full press release is available at Newswire.

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Niagara Systems is a leading provider of industrial parts washers for commercial and industrial applications. We design and engineer everything from basic cabinet washers to custom-built tunnel washer systems with integrated robotics and automated components. Contact us to learn more about our parts washers today.

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