High-Quality Industrial Parts Washers and Custom Part Washing Systems

Made in USA

We are experts at cleaning small and large parts and provide custom part washing solutions

Niagara Systems, a South Shore Controls, Inc. company, designs and manufactures industrial parts washing systems. Founded in 1934, Niagara Systems has set the benchmark for high-quality, long-lasting industrial part washers and dryers, from small cabinet style machines to large belt, mono-rail, and carousel-style systems.

We are experts at the cleaning and drying complex, tough to clean parts such as castings, bottles, totes, and cylinders. Our parts washers are perfect for cleaning small parts, and deep internal passages are our specialty.

We offer both standard washing systems and highly-engineered custom washers and systems that remove chemicals, soils, films, and debris to meet your exact cleanliness specifications. Heavy-duty parts washer, automotive part washers and bottle washing machines are our specialty. Niagara Systems are made in the USA, but we sell and service our equipment worldwide.

Our industry experience includes parts cleaning systems for automotive, aerospace, agricultural and construction equipment, ammunition, firearms, cookware, hardware, fasteners, commercial product parts, stampings, castings, screw machine parts, and additive manufacturing parts.

For more than 80 years, Niagara Systems has been the worldwide Industrial Parts Washing System Experts.

Aqueous Parts Washers for Manufacturers

Niagara Systems cabinet style industrial parts washing system.

Industrial Cabinet Washers

Perfect for lower volume, batch production.

Niagara Systems tunnel style industrial parts washing system.

Industrial Tunnel Washers

The best choice for high volume production and perfect for integration in a production line.

Niagara Systems carousel-style parts washer.

Industrial Carousel Washers

Best suited for medium volume production with one operator.

Niagara Systems custom design industrial parts washer.

Special Custom Washers

Custom designed, purpose built for unique applications.

Niagara industrial washers are working daily across the world.

Industrial Washing Systems Installed Worldwide

  • Aramco
    Niagara machines just run and run. We forget they are even there.
  • Luxfor Gas Cylinders
    Our scrap rate has been reduced from an average of 8.3% to 4.3%, that's massive savings. Thanks again.
  • Accutrex
    Niagara was the only company willing to take on this task. They were not afraid to sit down and develop a custom solution for our exact need. We appreciate their efforts working with us and their machine has added extreme value.
  • Automotive Industry Customer
    Niagara has been in business for so long, they know what needs to be done on every application we present.
    Automotive Industry Customer
  • Chemical Laboratory Client
    What impressed us the most was the performance of the dryer with our new cabinet style bottle washer. Clean bottles that come out clean and dry every time. Exactly what was needed.
    Chemical Laboratory Client

Keeping It Clean Since 1934!