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Niagara Systems has embarked on the production of a custom industrial washer for a customer serving the nuclear energy industry. This custom piece of equipment is more than your average industrial parts washing machine. This unique tunnel washer uses a combination of acids to machine the interior of various size tubes used in the production of nuclear fuel rods. This process will minimize maintenance cost for those needing service repairs on nuclear reactors. Typical automated lines are designed as metal parts washers, but this machine is designed to withstand the harsh environments that the various acids present – this is done by utilizing a 316SS frame construction and encapsulating nearly the entire machine in polypropylene.

This industrial wash system is replacing the previous Niagara Systems machine originally installed in 1999. The customer stated,

"Selecting Niagara Systems was a no-brainer. Our current machine has lived for over 20 years with minimal maintenance required. This custom application simply scared away many competitors. Niagara’s quality and expertise in custom design and fabrication gave us great confidence."
Like all other commercial parts washers offered, Niagara Systems manufactured this custom solution in-house at their headquarters located in Mentor, Ohio. This allows for more thorough quality control to ensure all solutions are fully safe and effective.

Niagara Systems, a South Shore Controls, Inc. company, has been a leader in the industrial parts washing and metal processing industry since 1934. By working with hundreds of clients across varying industries, Niagara has gained experience to provide solutions that are proven to be valuable to each customer's production processes. From mechanical and electrical design to panel build and metal fabrication, the Niagara team lives under one roof to provide the best, most collaborative and effective work environment for these types of systems. Whether it is a common application or highly customized process, Niagara Systems is the premier destination for all custom parts washing systems.

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